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Khamis, 26 Februari 2009

Anglo Nubian

Salam kekawan .......untuk next shipment akan datang saya dengan kerja sama sukor dari dusun agro bercadang membawa berbagai jenis kambing dari baka yang berbeza-beza selain dari boer dan kalahari kami juga akan mebawa pulang kambing anglo nubian, Toggenburg dan British Alpine. bagi biri-biri pula kami becadang nak bawa masok baka terbaik Dorpers tapi bukan dari yang jenis cross..... semua FB reg. with Certificate plus all under breeding protocol.

Sebagai permulaan suka cita saya ceritakan serba sedikit latar belakang kambing anglo nubian. Yang lain-lain kambing atau biri-biri akan saya ceritakan infonya di episod yang akan datang.
Kepada kekawan penternak yang berminat untuk memelihara atau sesiapa saja atau yg nak suka-suka nak jadikan sebagai pet jangan malu dan segan silalah mengorder atau membuat pertanyaan dengan kami.... silah lah.......

Pls email us at pbramunia7@gmail.com
or Call us Azizan 016 7406141 / Sukor 013-3883635

well ....lady first !

Ciri-ciri Anglo Nubian

Berat Lahir

Berat Dewasa

Jantan 3.5 kg

Jantan 70 – 85 kg

Betina 3.9 kg

Betina 55 – 70 kg

  • Tahan lasak dan mudah sesuai dengan alam sekitar.

  • Dwiguna-daging/pengeluaran susu .

  • Berbadan besar, telinga panjang dan melampai ke bawah.

  • Hidung melengkung ke bawah dan kaki yang panjang dengan purata ketinggian badannya 80 cm.

  • Kebiasaannya tidak mempunyai tanduk, bulu badan yang pendek.

  • Bulu coklat kemerahan tompok-tompok kemerahan seperti warna rusa, coklat putih, warna gelap atau kombinasi warna-warna tersebut

Apa-apa pun data dibawah ini mungkin lebih terperinci lagi...tetapi dalam bahasa Inggris

General Appearance: The ideal is an alert, sound, well-balanced animal, standing foursquare, possessing the capacity, and breeding ability of a good milking goat, with a high, proud head carriage and majestic bearing

Head: Short, with the base of the cheekbone to the highest part of the head equal to the distance from the nose to the maxillary joint. A pronounced convex nasal bone. Head carried high. Horned goats are preferably disbudded.

Eyes: Medium sized, set obliquely and wide apart, almond shaped giving a supercilious expression.

Ears: Long and pendulous, set low on the head, parallel to the eyes, wide and open, longer than the nose when measured against it, little or no ability to lift.

Mouth: The teeth should meet the hard pad of the upper jaw but a tendency of the jaw to being overshot would not be penalised provided the teeth were not permanently visible.

Neck: Long and fine in the doe. Pronounced masculinity with a dewlap preferred in the buck. No tassels on either the doe or buck.

Back line: Strong, may rise slightly in a straight line from behind the wither to the hips with no sign of weakness.

Forequarters: Withers high and well-defined, blending firmly into the shoulders, which merge smoothly into the body. Chest is wide and deep, merging smoothly into the body. Good heart room and pronounced brisket.

Body: A strong frame, long, deep and capacious showing dairy wedging. Proportionate to height, ribs well sprung.

Hindquarters: Rump, long, broad and strong. May be slightly rounded when viewed from the rear. A moderate slope acceptable when viewed from the side. The width between thurls greater than the width between hips. Pin bones wide and prominent.

Tail short. Wry tail permissible but differs from the ideal.

Legs and Feet: Forelegs are straight and strong showing good bone and held squarely below the body. The rear legs also showing good bone are set wide with good escutcheon space without pronounced angulation from the hock to the stifle giving the appearance of a strong upright rear leg. The feet should be proportionate to body size, neat and even. Level bearing. There should be no suggestion of hockiness or weak or long pasterns.

Udder and Teats: The texture is silky. The udder is attached over a wide area, being held high and wide at the rear. The front attachment should extend well forward without a pocket. Even shaped teats, placed well apart, pointing slightly forward and distinguishable from the udder. The teats should emit a strong jet flow with one orifice to each teat.

Testicles: Well-developed, evenly balanced, not divided, carrying two testes.

Rudimentary teats: Two, set well apart, slightly to the fore and side of the scrotum, of good size but not over developed.

Height: Average height, does 80 cm, bucks 90cm.

Coat: Hair should be short, fine and glossy. Bucks may develop a ruff to the neck.

Colour: Colour and markings are immaterial.

Disqualifying Faults: Wry face, grossly overshot or undershot jaw, parrot mouth. A double or super-nummary teat in does and bucks, double or more orifices in teats of both does and bucks. Monorchid or cryptorchid males. Intersex. Pink skin. Full Swiss markings.